New Zealand Fencing Competitions- NZFC are pleased to submit the following nominations for the Norwood New Zealand Rural Sports Awards, of athletes whom we think deserve recognition for their dedication and outstanding achievements within our sport.

Fencing is a sport that is not commonly known or followed, but its roots can be traced back to our country’s early pioneering days, through the decades as tools and materials have evolved, into our present day endurance environment where many gritty farmers and fencing contractors choose it as their favored sport.

Fencing competitions bring together like minded competitors who all have a core passion for the outdoors and the agricultural sector.  Competitions build relationships between the competitors families, wider communities as well as industry suppliers, and creates a network of forward thinking- often innovative, well supported, and highly skilled sports people.

There are not many sports around where there is no tier of experience, and new competitors are pitted against national championship title holders! Yet the sharing of knowledge and passing on of key information to the new competitors to help improve their sills is perhaps at a level not seen in other sports.

For a long time, fencing competitions have pretty much gone un-noticed in the eye of the general public. One aim during the creation of New Zealand Fencing Competitions (NZFC), was to build an awareness of the sport as well as attract new competitors, to preserve the history of the national fencing championship competitions, and to give the high achievers the limelight they deserve.

Selecting our nominations has been a very exciting exercise, and NZFC is proud to put forward these four worthy candidates.

Brody Facebook (002)


Shane Facebook


Nick Facebook


Paul Van Beers- Contribution