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Fencing competitions have a long history in the rural psyche alongside shearing, sawing, and wood chopping competitions which all combine speed and skills.

Traditionally they have been held at A & P Shows and Field Days as they provide an excellent spectacle for the public and help demonstrate the role fencing plays in stock management and the skills and product required to build a good quality fence.

Regional and localised competitions are the starting ground for a number of high profile fencers. NZFC aims to attract and encourage younger or newer competitors to competitions as it’s an easy training ground, amongst a network of fellow fencers who are keen to assist in your development. Employers are learning that by encouraging their employees to take part in competitive fencing an important training element is being fulfilled.

Sponsors representatives attend many of the regional competitions and the ability to have direct contact with the product knowledge and backup service they provide is a asset to any fencing business.

Formed in May 2013 as a result of like minded fencers organizing a meeting to discuss their concerns about the historic singles and pair’s competitions future at the National Fieldays. It was decided to form an industry body which could help govern fencing competitions within NZ and ensure a strong future.

Latest News

A Sporting Way to Work

Anne Hughes - Countrywide Magazine Getting hooked on competitive fencing could be a great career move. Preparation is through hard work and practice on the job during the week. When the competition’s [...]

The Golden Pliers™ – A History of Singles Champions from 1969 – 2015

The Golden Pliers book – “the journey to and beyond” by Nick Liefting was released at the Fieldays. This in-depth account of the fourteen WIREMARK ® Golden Pliers™ champions from 1969 to 2015 is well written and brought to life with a number of pictures throughout the book. Book sales exceeded expectations and

Results of the 2016 NZ National Fencing Championships at Fieldays

NZ Fencing Competitions is proud to announce the winners of the: WIREMARK® Golden Pliers ™ singles championship 1st and Best Quality  SHANE BOUSKILL 2nd  Tony Bouskill 3rd  Tim Stafford 4th  Paul [...]

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