NZ Fencing Competitions is proud to announce the winners of the:

WIREMARK® Golden Pliers ™ singles championship

1st and Best Quality  SHANE BOUSKILL
2nd  Tony Bouskill
3rd  Tim Stafford
4th  Paul Van Beers
5th  Jeff Joines
6th  Mark Lambert
7th and First off the line  Matt Jones
8th  Tony White

Smedley Station Tutor – Onga Onga
Bouskill Fencing – Hawkes Bay
Tim Stafford Fencing – Marton
Te Manga Station- Porangahau
Jeff Joines Fencing – Kapiti
Agri Fencing & Development – Bulls
Topline Fencing – Levin
White Fencing – Clevedon

Fieldays® SILVER SPADES™ doubles championship


2nd  Tim Stafford/Matt Jones

3rd  Shane Bouskill/Tony Bouskill

4th  Paul Van Beers/Wayne Newdick

5th  Jason Van Beers/Jack Richardson

6th  Tony White/Tom Dingle

Jeff Joines – Kapiti
Mark-Agri Fencing & Development-Bulls
Tim Stafford Fencing – Marton
Matt – Topline Fencing – Levin
Shane – Smedley Station – Onga Onga
Tony – Bouskill Fencing – Hawkes Bay
Paul – Te Manga Station- Porangahau
Wayne – Wayne Newdick Fencing
Van Beers Fencing

White Fencing

Bill Schuler novice round

1st & Best First Year BRODY CHANNINGS
2nd  Jack Richardson
3rd & Best Second Year Sam Burton
4th  Tom Dingle
5th  Thomas Ottaway
6th  Troy Brooky

Tim Stafford Fencing – Marton
Van Beers Fencing – Hawkes Bay
Burton Fencing – Cambridge
White Fencing – Clevedon
Hunterville Fencing – Hunterville
King Country Fencing

Congratulations to all the competitors who put a huge amount of effort and quality into these competitions this week.

The organising body New Zealand Fencing Competitions are highly appreciative of their Judges and Sponsors, including:

 WIREMARK®, FCANZ, Cyclone, Goldpine, Stihl, Strainrite, Stockade, Hurricane and Fieldays.