NZFC is proud to congratulate Shane Bouskill on his win at the 13th Power Fencing World Championships.

Shane was invited to compete in the world class event, and after packing just enough tools to get the job done, and his wife Joelene for support, they made the 25 hour flight to Germany.

The competition is held by Patura, a pastoral company that supplies all farming systems from electric tape to robotic milking machines.

9 different countries were represented at the event, and having now won the WIREMARK® Golden Pliers™ title twice, Shane was confident he could put in a good performance.

The specs were a 70meter, 3 wire, insultimber fence.

The hosts schooled Shane up on their way of doing things, which is a bit different to the Kiwi way, and he must be a quick learner, because even though he was the last to complete his fence, he won the event by 4 points, with only 1.5 points deducted for quality.

Germany placed second, and Austria third.

Shane enjoyed the whole experience, and seeing as they were so far from home already, it would have been rude not to travel on further for some sight seeing…